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We are trying to implement a pulse sensor to actuate a 3D printed prosthesis instead of the myoelectric ones. That’s a first, we think.

For the last 2 years we have been making a robotic prosthetic hand and everybody thinks its cool and all, but the same question always comes up. How is someone going to control it. We used the MyoWare Muscle Sensor for a long time and it works great, however when we started trials with Andres (he’s going to come up a lot) we noticed that the way that the sensor attachs (from 3 points!) wasnt goin to work. So as our last succesfull project ( we decided to make our own!

We used to work with the myoWare sensor( and dont get us wrong, it works great and much better that our implementation in many ways.

But the main goal now it’s ease of use, including the setup process. That in the myoWare involves sticking 3 electrodes.”

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