A Z80 computer wirewrapped on perfboard.

The wirewrapping technique uses standard IC sockets and PCB header pins, so the components and wiring are on the same side of the board; this has many benefits:

It’s easier to see what you are connecting together.
It creates a very neat and compact layout.
Reworking is quicker and easier.
No messy ‘mat of wires’ on the underside.
Wirewrapping IC sockets are becoming expensive and harder to source.
The construction technique can be seen in the photos: rows of header pins are placed alongside each IC socket and the two are solder-bridged on the copper side. Using perfboard, rather than stripboard, means there’s no track cutting needed.

These notes give a very generalised view of the board’s construction; an experienced constructor will be able to follow along, however this is a personal build and there was never an intention to write-up full project construction notes for mass replication.”


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