mbed OS 5.6.6 released

We are pleased to announce the Mbed OS 5.6.6 release is now available. This is the latest patch release based on the feature set introduced by Mbed OS 5.6.

This patch release includes new target support for the SAKURAIO_EVB_01 board.

We’ve included an upgrade to the Silicon Labs HAL. This upgrades the version of emlib in mbed to v5.3.3. Additionally it enables the use of USART3, USART4 and USART5 for both serial and SPI (important for using TB_SENSE_12’s IMU). It also fixes a number of compiler warnings.

There is an upgrade of the Silicon Labs radio driver to v2.1.1. This upgrades the RAIL library (on which the Nanostack driver is based) making it run more efficiently alongside an RTOS. The binary should now be fully AAPCS-compliant (no more ambiguity on enum size), so should work across all toolchains and the upgrade also lays the foundation for potential BLE enablement on EFR32

We’ve added USB Device support for DISCO_F429ZI, bootloader support for DISCO_F429ZI and ENET support for LPC546XX.

There was an issue where dir_rewind and dir_seek were not working as expected for the FAT filesystem (5440). This has now been fixed.

Finally we’ve adjusted our thread tests to enable them to be run on devices with a small RAM footprint.”


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