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HispaBrick issue 28

It always feels like a great achievement when we launch a new issue of HispaBrick Magazine, but I feel especially proud of this one for several reasons. I don’t want to put them in any specifi c order, and while going over them I realised they are all related to the wonderful atmosphere you can fi nd among AFOLs worldwide.
I was privileged to be at the LEGO® Fan Media Days in late May and early June. It was my fi rst trip to Billund – which already made it special – and it turned out to be everything I had hoped for, and then some. Of course I came back with a ton of material from interviews, some of which you can fi nd in this issue. I also came back with ideas for many other articles. Some of those have materialised in this issue in different formats. A good example is the article by Stuck in Plastic, who were also represented at the Fan Media Days – an excellent opportunity for networking.
Collaborations in all formats are essential to the way HispaBrick Magazine operates. Sometimes people ask us if they can write an article for us, sometimes we ask people if they would like to write about a specifi c subject, and sometimes that collaboration goes beyond a single article in a specifi c issue. An example of that can be found in two new ‘corners’ that appear in this issue.
Both EuroBricks and Kockice reached out to us with a proposal to fi nd synergies and we are happy to see those ideas materialise in this issue.
In the case of Kockice this collaboration goes even further: they have organised a team that has worked closely together with the HispaBrick Magazine staff to create a Croatian language version of this issue of the magazine. We look forward to continuing that collaboration over time.
Of course writing articles is not the only way people collaborate with HispaBrick Magazine. The help we get in translations, proofreading and the pictures we are given permission to use are other important ways that underline the general spirit of collaboration that makes this magazine possible.
Making all of this happen has taken a lot of time and coordination and seeing it all come together makes me feel proud of everyone who has collaborated in one way or another.”

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