CircuitPython 2.0.0!

2.0.0 is here! 2.0.0 updates CircuitPython to a MicroPython 1.9.2 foundation that we built awesome data storage related functionality on. Now you can write files to the file system and, on some boards, write raw bytes to a non-volatile section of memory.

Thank you to all CircuitPython and MicroPython contributors. Second, thank you to all who tested and found issues with 2.0.0 betas: @ladyada, @ntoll, @deshipu, @willingc, @jerryneedell, @KurticusMaximus, @kattni, @cledic, @diogoviannaaraujo, @cpunches, @eighthree, @joeynelson, @mrmcwethy, @fabitencourt, @hukuzatuna. From discord: scruffynerf, Sigafoos. Please keep up the awesome testing! Join us on the Discord chat to collaborate.

Here are the changes since 1.0.0:

Update to MicroPython 1.9.2 which supports mounting multiple file systems at once.
Introduce a storage module to facilitate mounting and unmounting file systems.
atmel-samd: Increase heap size from 16k to 20k. This means more code can be loaded. Thanks @dhalbert!
Introduce a nvm.ByteArray to provide limited byte storage even when the file system is read-only.
Explicitly load frozen modules from the .frozen python path instead of the empty path implicitly.
Documentation improvements thanks to @willingc, @KurticusMaximus, @mrmcwethy and @dhalbert .
atmel-samd: microcontroller.cpu.temperature support added.
atmel-samd: Introduce audiobusio.PDMIn for recording sound to memory from a PDM microphone such as the one on the CircuitPlayground Express.
atmel-samd: CircuitPlayground Express. NeoPixel library is now frozen in.
Moving from 1.0.0 to 2.0.0 is not a perfect process. There are a few things that break when doing so.

mpy files compatible with 1.0.0 are NOT compatible with 2.0.0 because MicroPython changed the format. A 2.0.0 bundle is available here. (Its built by changing the branch of circuitpython in the bundle repo before building it.)
uos is replaced by os, storage and multiterminal
urandom is replaced by random
This release is based on MicroPython 1.9.2. Support upstream MicroPython by purchasing a PyBoard (from Adafruit here).

Have a Feather M0 Express, Metro M0 Express, Gemma M0, Trinket M0 or Circuit Playground Express? Download a .uf2 and follow these instructions. To install our libraries simply download the bundle for your release and copy the lib folder onto your CIRCUITPY drive.

To install on legacy boards, download a .bin file and follow the guide here for M0 and here for ESP8266.”


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