The smart office concept has evolved significantly over the last few years. Energy efficiency is one of the most common functions for smart offices. Office Automation facilitates efficient and detailed information through the use of devices. Automation also increases the goodwill and reputation of any workplace because it adds to the prestige and status symbol of the enterprise.In this Instructables, we hope to show how you can easily automate your office or workplace with Prota OS with no skills and tailored specifically to your needs. The idea is to strategically use office resources that can monitor energy usage and enable easy control for devices. The key idea of this instructable is to optimize workplace resources and utilize them well.Features Automated and connected devices, lights and appliances. Trigger automation when entering or leaving office using IFTTT. Turn your webcam into a smart cam and receive a snapshot of your workplace and to monitor it easily. Save power and manage resources efficiently. Get notified for each and every automation easily.”


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