Tokyo Tech supercomputer TSUBAME3.0 scheduled to start operating in summer 2017

The Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) Global Scientific Information and Computing Center (GSIC) has started development and construction of TSUBAME3.01—the next-generation supercomputer that is scheduled to start operating in the summer of 2017. The theoretical performance of the TSUBAME3.0 is 47.2 petaflops in 16-bit half precision mode or above, and once the new TSUBAME3.0 is operating alongside the current TSUBAME2.5, Tokyo Tech GSIC will be able to provide a total computation performance of 64.3 petaflops in half precision mode or above, making it the largest supercomputer center in Japan. The majority of scientific calculation requires 64-bit double precision, however, artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data processing can be performed at 16-bit half precision, and the TSUBAME3.0 is expected to be widely used in these fields, where demand is continuing to increase.”


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