Taiwan's TSMC to build $16bn advanced chip facility

Contract chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., which controls a leading 55% share of the global market, said on Wednesday it plans to build a $500 billion New Taiwan dollar ($15.7 billion) facility in Taiwan that would churn out the world’s most advanced chips. “We’re asking the government to help us find a plot that is large enough and has convenient access so we can build an advanced chip plant to manufacture 5-nanometer and 3nm chips,” TSMC spokesperson Elizabeth Sun told the Nikkei Asian Review. The smaller the nanometer size, the more advanced the chip — but also the more challenging to develop. Apple, for example, uses TSMC’s 16nm process technology for the core processor chips packed in its latest iPhone 7 handsets. The Taiwanese company is looking to produce 10nm chips beginning early 2017.”


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