Ikea introduces its first 3D knitted furniture

While we’ve seen 3D knitting technology used to make apparel and footwear, perhaps most famously Nike’s Flyknit sneakers, we have yet to see it really take off beyond the garment industry, especially on a commercial level. Until now, that is. Swedish home goods retailer Ikea has just unveiled its latest chair design, which is made using—you guessed it—3D knitting technology. The armchair, which is part of Ikea’s experimental PS Collection, features a minimalist, lightweight, and compact design that is meant to appeal to urban city-dwellers. The chair comes in two different colors (pink or grey) and consists of a 3D knitted material which is stretched over a powder-coated steel frame. Similar to a hammock, the 3D knitted chair offers the sitter a very comfy, almost personalized sitting experience.”


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