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Customisable Flower Pot, bowl or vase

I made this because I needed a square flower pot that was 75 cm at the top and 60 cm at the bottom. Such a flower pot fits perfectly in my HerbGarden hydroponic system. But why not make it parametric so that you can make the flower pot you need? You can choose size, what shape you want, if you want a brim at the top and if you want perforations at the bottom and/or at the sides. Because of the level of customisation you can make more than flower pots with this one. Basically a range of cups, vases and bowls. I usually print them 1.5 mm thick and with no support. The measures for my two hydroponic systems are: FreshGarden Max: Round, bottom = 56 mm, top = 71, height = 70 mm, brim and perforations on bottom and sides, 1.5 mm thick. HerbGarden (Tregren Herbie): Square, bottom = 60, top = 75, height = 75, no brim, no perforation on the sides, perforation at the bottom, 1.5 mm thick.”

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