Arduino Pinball Machine

This instructable was created in fulfillment of the project requirement of the Makecourse-Art at the University of South Florida ( Using half inch plywood, cut two 19” by 6” pieces with a one inch slope. The front-most piece is 10” by 5” and the back piece is 10” by 8”. Drill 2 holes in the back piece. One in the lower right about .5” diameter, and the other about 2.5” above the bottom on the center about 9/16” diameter. On the same piece, drill 6 1/8” holes on the top but not in the middle. These will where the LED’s are placed. Drill a 1” hole on the front piece on the right side. Feed the pinball launcher through the front hole. Put the spring on it and use a small 1” by 1” piece of wood with a .25” hole drilled through it afterward as a stopper. Then place a small rubber tip on the tip of the launcher. The base of the machine is 20” by 10”.”


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