White Line Follower using TIVA board

Project is about making line following robot using TIVA board.For devolping this robot,the modules used are ADC,PWM and GPIO.Using ADC pin,conversion of analog value of white line sensor to digital value.PWM pin is used for controlling the speed of motor and GPIO pin can be used for moving motor clockwise and anti-clockwise.One additional module of EEPROM is also included.EEPROM is used to store the threshold value of the sensor so if robot is again turn on, the robot will regain it’s value from EEPROM.Thus,no need to calibrate sensor every time and also it can perform auto-calibration of sensor.In this function ,the threshold value of black and white line are stored in EEPROM.On pressing of sw1 switch it goes to calibration mode and does the calibration by storing threshold value in EEPROM.Thus,every time calibration is not needed and as the value is stored in EEPROM,it can be regained after restarting the robot.Thus,every time we don’t need to calibrate as the value is stored in EEPROM.”


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