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Educational Brake Caliper

Since the start of my obsession with 3D printing and computer aided design, Motorsports has been on my mind. The Educational Brake Caliper is my first Motorsports related design to be released to the public. This caliper is based on a race car style brake caliper featuring quick release brake pads and dual pistons. This caliper is FULL SIZED and was modeled off of a Dwarf Car style Race Car. Instead of uploading a somewhat complicated design to Pinshape and letting you try to figure out what you have, I’ve opted to include some significant documentation so that this caliper can be shown and used as a hands-on educational piece. The document can be found with the STL files and is labelled, ‘EducationalBrakeCaliper-Final.pdf’. Along with it being based on an educational design, this caliper fits perfectly on a shelf or a desk as a display showing all of its intricacies with the included display stand. My intent with the documentation provided will be to help you with printing, assembling, understanding, teaching and testing with this caliper. My suggestion would be to have you thumb through the document before starting this print so you have an idea on how it should go. Thank you ☺”

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