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Customizable Watering Planter

Introducing my first customizable object for 3D printing. This Customizable Watering Planter is a solution in order to put your lovely plants in your lovely places. Without to be worried about water spills or forgetting to water the plants. It is easy to use: just plant your favorite plant, add some water, and it is all. This Customizable Watering Planter was designed to be 3D printed with a minimum requirements, but the most important issue is that It is customizable to cover your own space and necessities. It is composed of two parts: the reservoir and the pot. Both were designed with a regular polygon in mind and a customizable feature under a few parameters. I have only one recommendation: the height should be greater than the radius. Be free to skip the instructions if you have experience with the setup of 3D parameters, if not, I recommend you to read it.”

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