MicroFAT: A File System for Microcontrollers

Microcontrollers are becoming the core of many electronic projects for hobbyists and the norm in electronic design overall. With the complexity of projects increasing and the introduction of the IoT, it will not be long before micro users will need to also increase the capabilities of microcontrollers. A common use for microcontrollers is to log data from sensors such as temperature, humidity, and other stimuli. This data can be streamed to an I2C EEPROM and then read back when this data is to be sent to an external server (via the IoT). If the user wishes to store separate instances of data (for example, different times of the day), then the memory needs to contain information regarding the time the data was sent and how the memory is organised. While the user could design a system to cope with such matters, it would be easier to implement a file system such as FAT. However, many micros are not capable of using the FAT file system because of the memory requirements.”


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