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Fully Functional 3D Printed Vise

This is a 3D printed model of a functioning vise! NOTE: I created this print to lightly hold electronic components while soldering, etc. It’s not designed for, and should not be used for rigorous clamping force. This is a plastic model of a vice, not a real vice, and should be used according. As noted by user DevWolf in the comment section, PLA plastic is very rigid and can break under stress in unpredictable ways creating shrapnel like pieces that can cause injury. This model has tight tolerances and may require a bit of sanding or cleanup at the end to fit together properly, depending on your printer, filament, etc. I also used Simplify 3D to slice the model and generate supports, so results with other programs will vary. I began with a base model provided by Tom over at the Ox Tools YouTube channel (links below) of his Wilton Baby Bullet vise. Originally it was designed to be machined out of metal, so I took the CAD files and modified them to be 3D printable, and finished the work that would normally occur during the machining process. I also worked to optimize it for better printing. You can see a video of how this model was put together, as well as see it in action over on my YouTube channel (as well as lots of other projects): . Be sure to upload a picture if you print or modify a version, I’d love to see the results! See print setting for printing tips. Special thanks to Tom over at Ox tools for sharing the original model and allowing me to share it as well, and for the documenting the build of the real metal version of this vise! You can find his info below: You can check out his build of the REAL vise in a 24 part video series here: UPDATE 5/26/16: Modified description to clarify usage reccomendations”

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