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smd & small parts drawers (customizable)

I love keeping my electronic components neatly organized so I can find them when I need them. When I have a jumble of bags of parts I forget what I have and it’s a constant waste of time weeding through everything. I’ve been meaning to modify the old drawer box for a while now to add more tiny drawer slots to efficiently hold very small components like smd parts, ceramic caps, and tiny screws. I modified the model to support 5x2 slots in a drawer and also made the divider wall between the slots thinner. I recently received a batch of ceramic caps divided into 50 different values. 10 slots per drawer worked out perfectly for the size of ceramic caps I have. Currently there is a bug rendering when I try to make the number of rows 3 or greater and I get the following message: WARNING: Normalized tree is growing past 200000 elements. Aborting normalization. Enjoy and please share any pics and comments about organizing ideas for your own small parts.”

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