nRF51822 Begins - nRF-DK, GCC, ADC, UART/BLE

The nRF51822 is a very popular SoC (System on a Chip) which integrates BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) with an ARM Cortex M0 CPU. For folks like myself trudging along in 8-bit AVR country, 32-bit ARM development is unfamiliar territory. The chips are powerful, complex beasts, and the hardware and software infrastucture required to program them are tortuous and often absurdly priced. For nRF51822, you have the burden of understanding the BLE jargon as well. To clear the fog in my head, I wanted to create a simple project using nRF51822 that reads light levels from an LDR and sends the data over BLE. In the process, I set up the development environment on Windows and OS X. Hopefully this will serve as a useful guide for you to get started on this chip.”


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