9-Charlieplexor (9-pins for 72 LEDs)

This Instructable shows how to wire a 9-Charlieplexor. (Formally this is a “Charlieplexing circuit with 9 nodes” capable of controlling 72 LEDs or less.) A general method could be taken from this layout for larger Charlieplexors. I will likely put in a larger Charlieplexor circuit that I might get made, but I stopped at a setup large enough for an 8x8 array. This is because wiring a 9-CP by hand in a non-compressed array already involves over a hundred circuit connections, not to mention the 72 jumper and 72 lead connections to the LEDs themselves. I have already built the LED arrays (in 3 panels) and I plan to have a ribbon coming off each sub-array panel to plug into the board above. The 72 jumpers are pretty quick to wire, but it is already obvious that ~24 wires coming off each panel would be painful to plug in individually.”


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