A Micro Solar Inverter - based on Arduino

About once a year, I get the opportunity to spend some time with my friends from @openenergymon in North Wales. This year, having attended the oshCamp in Heben Bridge last weekend, I took advantage of the glorious late September sunshine to cross over to southern Snowdonia, to a rural bothy outside the village of Llanfrothen, to spend a few days working on some new projects with Trystan Lea. Trystan had expressed an interest in building from scratch, a low power inverter. This would take the dc output from a low-wattage solar pv panel and create a stable 50Hz, 230Vac mains - suitable for powering small items of equipment. So after a couple of beers and some tech discussion over a pub meal on Monday evening we set about beginning our micro-solar inverter project.”


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