Parametric Mini Modular Framing System - Corner Block and Rail

This is a customize-able version of the original Mini Modular Framing System: I loved the original, but wanted something that would fit my pieces of acrylic that I want to use to make a light box/light table. I tried to make these match the original, and they’re pretty close. I changed the inside fillet to a chamfer, because filleting in OpenSCAD is annoying. Enjoy, and thanks again to idea_beans for the original concept! Note: the basic rendering shown in the Customizer will show a lot of artifacts on the filleted edges. These will disappear when you actually render the object. UPDATE: The corner piece was rendering too short; the high was off by the amount of the Corner Radius. This has been fixed and the file re-uploaded. UPDATE 2: Corner piece was still too short! It’s really fixed now!”


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