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Customizable Box with Lid

Found a openscad box by acker on thingiverse and thought I’d update it to work with the thingiverse Customizer. Also fixed an error in the lid calculations. Use this for whatever you want! Organizers for small screws, nuts and bolts. Boxes to store jewelry in. Storage for RPG figurines, playing cards, and more. The possibilities are endless. The default tolerance worked fine for my printer on Hatchbox PLA giving a nice friction fit, easy to put on and off but doesn’t fall off. But if your lid is too loose or doesn’t fit you may have to adjust this value. If you’re making an extra large box you might need to customize the lid and the box separately to be able to print them one at a time, be sure to use the same parameters for the lid and the box when you do this! or they obviously won’t fit together. As always with the customizer, ludacris values will give ludicrous results, so don’t go making the walls 100mm thick or something. UPDATE May 4th 2015: I’ve added sliding lids and Coin slots as options. I haven’t tried the sliding lid myself yet, but it should work although you may need to increase tolerance to 0.15”

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