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Hand screwdrivers for tightening and loosening screws.
They do not have great science but there are several formats besides the two basic types we know.
The so-called screwdriver and the Phillips star key.


They exist with the fixed tip or with interchangeable tips (bits).

Whether for practical reasons or for issues related to making it difficult to disassemble equipment
Manufacturers have developed an additional and diverse set of keys.
Not being an exhaustive list the most common formats that exist are:

  • Flat (a)
  • Phillips (b)
  • Pozidriv (c)
  • Torx (d)
  • Allen (e)
  • Robertson (f)
  • Tri-Wing (g)
  • Torq-Set (h)
  • Spannner (i)


It is also worth mentioning the keys that being of one of these types are of special use.


Pole finder are screwdrivers that have the point of slits that through a neon lamp associated with a resistance of very high value
(AC) which is the neutral pole and which is the phase. In the phase the lamp is illuminated.


If you have a screw whose head thread has been ground, there are some methods that can be used to
Try to remove the screw successfully.
There is a method that involves using a Dremel to make a deep hole to use a screwdriver.
Another method is to use a thick rubber band between the bolt and the screwdriver to unscrew.


Finally, there is a type of specially designed wrench for unscrewing bolts with the ground thread - typically
Work well for Star Screws, Cracks, Torx and Robertson.

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