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32-bit Microcontrollers with Arm® Cortex®-M0 for a broad range of price sensitive applications however demanding state of the art functionality. The XMC1100 series belongs to the XMC1000 Family of industrial microcontrollers based on the Arm® Cortex®-M0 processor core. The XMC1100 series devices are designed for general purpose applications. Increasing complexity and demand for computing power of embedded control applications requires microcontrollers to have a significant CPU performance, integrated peripheral functionality and rapid development environment enabling short time-to market, without compromising cost efficiency.

Autonomous Driving Car V2

“Curious about autonomous driving, AI and neural networks? Build your own autonomous driving car and get your hands on these topics! This project is all about building a cool self-driving car using some fun and exciting technology! We’ll be …

Drive a pneumatic system using a single chip

“Driving 9 solenoid valves and a DC compressor using the Infineon TLE94112ES 12-fold half-bridge Shield for Arduino. Do more with less! - pneumatic systems The first part of our “Do more with less!” mini-series is all about pneumatics. Pneumatic systems are …