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Meiji University (明治大学, Meiji daigaku) is a private university with campuses in Tokyo and Kawasaki, founded in 1881 by three Meiji-era lawyers, Kishimoto Tatsuo, Miyagi Kōzō, and Yashiro Misao. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Japan with famous alumni in various fields including world politics, sports, or the humanities. The University has nine schools with a total of approximately 33,000 students on four campuses around the Greater Tokyo Area in three special wards of Tokyo (Chiyoda, Suginami, Nakano) and the Ikuta neighborhood of Tama-ku, Kawasaki. Their most known schools are the school of law, the school of political science and economics, and the school of commerce. The school of political science and economics has sent many famous alumni to the Japanese political world. The three former world leaders, Miki Takeo, Murayama Tomiichi, and Zhou Enlai, previously studied at this university. The acceptance rate varies by school, but the average is usually around 15% throughout the university.