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The MCP1825/MCP1825S is a 500 mA Low Dropout (LDO) linear regulator that provides high current and low output voltages. The MCP1825 comes in a fixed or adjustable output voltage version, with an output voltage range of 0.8V to 5.0V. The 500 mA output current capability, combined with the low output voltage capability, make the MCP1825 a good choice for new sub-1.8V output voltage LDO applications that have high current demands. The MCP1825S is a 3-pin fixed voltage version. The MCP1825/MCP1825S is stable using ceramic output capacitors that inherently provide lower output noise and reduce the size and cost of the entire regulator solution. Only 1 µF of output capacitance is needed to stabilize the LDO. Using CMOS construction, the quiescent current consumed by the MCP1825/MCP1825S is typically less than 120 µA over the entire input voltage range, making it attractive for portable computing applications that demand high output current. The MCP1825 versions have a Shutdown (SHDN) pin. When shut down, the quiescent current is reduced to less than 0.1 µA. On the MCP1825 fixed output versions, the scaleddown output voltage is internally monitored and a power good (PWRGD) output is provided when the output is within 92% of regulation (typical). The PWRGD delay is internally fixed at 110 µs (typical). The overtemperature and short circuit current-limiting provide additional protection for the LDO during system fault conditions.

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