Content for MAX8212

Maxim’s MAX8211 and MAX8212 are CMOS micropower voltage detectors that warn microprocessors (µPs) of power failures. Each contains a comparator, a 1.5V bandgap reference, and an open-drain n-channel output driver. Two external resistors are used in conjunction with the internal reference to set the trip voltage to the desired level. A hysteresis output is also included, allowing the user to apply positive feedback for noise-free output switching. The MAX8211 provides a 7mA current-limited output sink whenever the voltage applied to the threshold pin is less than the 1.5V internal reference. In the MAX8212, a voltage greater than 1.5V at the threshold pin turns the output stage on (no current limit). The CMOS MAX8211/MAX8212 are plug-in replacements for the bipolar ICL8211/ICL8212 in applications where the maximum supply voltage is less than 16.5V. They offer several performance advantages, including reduced supply current, a more tightly controlled bandgap reference, and more available current from the hysteresis output.