Content for MAX16054

The MAX16054 is a pushbutton on/off controller with a single switch debouncer and built-in latch. It accepts a noisy input from a mechanical switch and produces a clean latched digital output after a factory-fixed qualification delay. The MAX16054 eliminates contact bounce during switch opening and closing. The state of the output changes only when triggered by the falling edge of the debounced switch input; the output remains unchanged on the rising edge of the input. Robust switch inputs handle ±25V levels and are ±15kV ESD protected for use in harsh industrial environments. The MAX16054 features a complementary output, OUT, which is the inverted state of OUT. An asynchronous CLEAR input allows an external signal to force the output flip-flop low. Undervoltage-lockout circuitry ensures that OUT is in the off state upon power-up. The MAX16054 requires no external components, and its low supply current makes it ideal for use in portable equipment. The MAX16054 operates from a +2.7V to +5.5V single supply. The MAX16054 is offered in a 6-pin thin SOT23 package and operates over the -40°C to +125°C automotive temperature range.

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“DIY Arduboy with flashchip on a custom PCB + Dreamcast VMU with a busted screen = Hours of fun!!! Story With all the really cool advances and games coming out for the Arduboy system, I though it would be really cool to …