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The LTC6992 is a silicon oscillator with an easy-to-use analog voltage-controlled pulse width modulation (PWM) capability. The LTC6992 is part of the TimerBlox® family of versatile silicon timing devices. A single resistor, RSET, programs the LTC6992’s internal master oscillator frequency. The output frequency is determined by this master oscillator and an internal frequency divider, NDIV, programmable to eight settings from 1 to 16384. Applying a voltage between 0V and 1V on the MOD pin sets the duty cycle. The four versions differ in their minimum/maximum duty cycle. Note that a minimum duty cycle limit of 0% or maximum duty cycle limit of 100% allows oscillations to stop at the extreme duty cycle settings.

12W Constant-Current LED Driver with PWM Dimming – 12V DC@1A Input

“This is a high-performance, adjustable constant current, and PWM dimmer project. It provides accurate output constant current and PWM control. The circuit regulates the current flowing through a LED/LED array to maintain the desired level of light output. The …

Voltage-Controlled Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) – PWM Signal Generator

“This is an easy-to-use voltage to PWM converter. The project occupies very little space. The circuit is built using the versatile silicon timing device LT6992-1 chip. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Controlled by Simple 0V to 1V Analog Input, multiturn …