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The LT1498/LT1499 are dual/quad, rail-to-rail input and output precision C-Load™ op amps with a 10MHz gain bandwidth product and a 6V/μs slew rate. The LT1498/LT1499 are designed to maximize input dynamic range by delivering precision performance over the full supply voltage. Using a patented technique, both input stages of the LT1498/LT1499 are trimmed, one at the negative supply and the other at the positive supply. The resulting guaranteed common mode rejection is much better than other rail-to-rail input op amps. When used as a unity-gain buffer in front of single supply 12-bit A-to-D converters, the LT1498/LT1499 are guaranteed to add less than 1LSB of error even in single 3V supply systems. With 110dB of supply rejection, the LT1498/LT1499 maintain their performance over a supply range of 2.2V to 36V and are specified for 3V, 5V and ±15V supplies. The inputs can be driven beyond the supplies without damage or phase reversal of the output. These op amps remain stable while driving capacitive loads up to 10,000pF. The LT1498 is available with the standard dual op amp configuration in 8-pin PDIP and SO packaging. The LT1499 features the standard quad op amp configuration and is available in a 14-pin plastic SO package. These devices can be used as plug-in replacements for many standard op amps to improve input/output range and precision.