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The LP395 is a fast monolithic transistor with complete overload protection. This very high gain transistor has included on the chip, current limiting, power limiting, and thermal overload protection, making it difficult to destroy from almost any type of overload. Available in an epoxy TO-92 transistor package this device is specified to deliver 100 mA. Thermal limiting at the chip level, a feature not available in discrete designs, provides comprehensive protection against overload. Excessive power dissipation or inadequate heat sinking causes the thermal limiting circuitry to turn off the device preventing excessive die temperature. The LP395 offers a significant increase in reliability while simplifying protection circuitry. It is especially attractive as a small incandescent lamp or solenoid driver because of its low drive requirements and blowout-proof design. The LP395 is easy to use and only a few precautions need be observed. Excessive collector to emitter voltage can destroy the LP395 as with any transistor. When the device is used as an emitter follower with a low source impedance, it is necessary to insert a 4.7 kΩ resistor in series with the base lead to prevent possible emitter follower oscillations. Also since it has good high frequency response, supply by-passing is recommended. Areas where the LP395 differs from a standard NPN transistor are in saturation voltage, leakage (quiescent) current and in base current. Since the internal protection circuitry requires voltage and current to function, the minimum voltage across the device in the on condition (saturated) is typically 1.6 Volts, while in the off condition the quiescent (leakage) current is typically 200 μA. Base current in this device flows out of the base lead, rather than into the base as is the case with conventional NPN transistors. Also the base can be driven positive up to 36 Volts without damage, but will draw current if driven negative more than 0.6 Volts. Additionally, if the base lead is left open, the LP395 will turn on. The LP395 is a low-power version of the 1-Amp LM195/LM295/LM395 Ultra Reliable Power Transistor.