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The LM79XX series of 3-terminal regulators is available with fixed output voltages of -5V, -8V, -12V, and -15V. These devices need only one external componentÐa compensation capacitor at the output. The LM79XX series is packaged in the TO-220 power package and is capable of supplying 1.5A of output current. These regulators employ internal current limiting safe area protection and thermal shutdown for protection against virtually all overload conditions. Low ground pin current of the LM79XX series allows output voltage to be easily boosted above the preset value with a resistor divider. The low quiescent current drain of these devices with a specified maximum change with line and load ensures good regulation in the voltage boosted mode.

Dual +12V/-12V @ 400mA Regulated Linear Power Supply with AC input

“The project presented here is a dual output linear power supply. This power supply provides low ripple low noise DC regulated output. It is a very useful tool to power Audio, Video, OPAMP-based circuits, and projects. The circuit provides …

+12/-12 Volt Transformer Based Dual Voltage Power Supply

“In this tutorial i will show you how to make simple +12/-12 volt transformer based Dual Voltage Power Supply circuit. You can watch the video which is embedded in this step for construction, parts list, circuit diagram & testing or …