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The LFXX is a very low drop regulator available in TO-220, TO-220FP, DPAK and PPAK packages and in a wide range of output voltages. The low drop voltage (0.45 V) and low quiescent current make it particularly suitable for low-noise, low-power applications and especially in batterypowered systems. In the 5 pin configuration (PPAK) a shutdown logic control function is available (pin 2, TTL compatible). This means that when the device is used as a local regulator, a part of the board can be put in standby, decreasing the total power consumption. In the three terminal configuration, the device has the same electrical performance, but it is fixed in ON state. It requires a capacitor of only 2.2 µF for stability, saving board space and costs. The LFXX is available as automotive grade in DPAK and PPAK packages, for the options of output voltages whose commercial part numbers are shown in the order codes.