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Incheon National University (INU), previously also known as University of Incheon (UI), is a national university operated by the legal entity (법인, 法人) established by the government of Republic of Korea (South Korea)

Polymer Power: Incheon National University Researchers Enhance the Safety of Lithium Batteries

“Lithium-ion batteries are a widely used class of rechargeable batteries in today’s world. One of the processes that can hamper the functioning of these batteries is an internal short circuit caused by direct contact between the cathode and anode …

On the Road to Invisible Solar Panels: How Tomorrow’s Windows Will Generate Electricity

“A new study led by scientists from Incheon National University in Korea shows how to make a fully transparent solar cell In a new study in Journal of Power Sources, an international team of researchers, led by Prof. Joondong Kim …