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The ICS501 LOCO™ is the most cost effective way to generate a high quality, high frequency clock output from a lower frequency crystal or clock input. The name LOCO stands for LOw Cost Oscillator, as it is designed to replace crystal oscillators in most electronic systems. Using PhaseLocked-Loop (PLL) techniques, the device uses a standard fundamental mode, inexpensive crystal to produce output clocks up to 160 MHz. Stored in the chip’s ROM is the ability to generate 9 different multiplication factors, allowing one chip to output many common frequencies (see page 2). The device also has an Output Enable pin that tristates the clock output when the OE pin is taken low.

VHF Frequency Counter with PC Interface

“Projects I build often involve frequency synthesis, and one of the most useful tools to have around is a good frequency counter. Being a budding programmer and data analysis guru, I love the idea of being able to access / log …

ICS501 Simple Frequency Multiplier

“Today I made a high frequency multiplier using a single component: the ICS501 PLL clock multiplier IC. This chip provides 2x, 5x, 8x (and more) clock multiplication using an internal phased-lock loop (PLL). At less than a dollar on eBay …