The FPF2300/02/03 are dual-channel load switches of IntelliMAX™ family. The FPF2300/02/03 consist of dual, independent, current-limited, slew rate controlled, P- channel MOSFET power switches. Slew rated turn-on prevents inrush current from glitching supply rails. The input voltage range operates from 1.8V to 5.5V to fulfill today's USB device supply requirements. Switch control is accomplished by a logic input (ON) capable of interfacing directly with low-voltage control signal. For the FPF2302, if the constant current condition per- sists after 10ms, these parts shut down the switch and pull the fault signal pin (FLAGB) LOW. The FPF2300 has an auto-restart feature that turns the switch on again after 504ms if the ON pin is still active. For the FPF2303, a current limit condition immediately pulls the fault signal pin LOW and the part remains in the constant-current mode until the switch current falls below the current limit. For the FPF2300 through FPF2303, the current limit is typically 1.3A for each switch to align with notebook computing applications. FPF2300/02/03 is available in both SO8 and MLP 3X3mm 8-lead packages.

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