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Fishino Guppy

Fishino GUPPY is the third board of Fishino family. It’s a board 100% compatible with the famous Arduino NANO, but with many add-ons which greatly enhance its capabilities. An important detail of Fishino GUPPY is the ability to be powered by a single cell LiPo battery, which gets automatically charged when another supply is available.

WiFi Christmas Tree

“In this slogan, we could summarize the project described in these pages, which like every year is on a Christmas theme but this year is something particularly technological: it is a Christmas tree in transparent plexiglass with luminous games and …

How to control Neopixel strip with WiFi

“We make a NeoPixel light installations using Fishino and NodeMCU, controlled via Wi-Fi from PC or Raspberry Pi through a Python library. A few years ago, the American Adafruit Industries revolutionized the LED market by introducing its NeoPixels, whose main …