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The single-core dsPIC33CK Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) accelerate Digital Signal Processor (DSP) performance for time-critical applications. This family offers fast deterministic performance to address real-world design requirements. Complementing our dual-core dsPIC33CH DSCs, the dsPIC33CK family offers a cost-effective single-core option with the same high-performance core and peripherals. These high-performance DSCs feature a dsPIC33 ‘C’ core with DSP engine, expanded context-selected registers to reduce interrupt latency, new instructions to accelerate DSP performance, tightly coupled peripherals and faster execution to enable complex high-speed control loop implementation. The dsPIC33CK family maintains the simplicity of a microcontroller and provides a performance upgrade path for dsPIC33E and dsPIC33F DSC users. Download our Migration Guide for tips on migrating from the dsPIC33EP GS family to the dsPIC33CK family.