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The DRV883x family of devices provides an integrated motor driver ~ solution for cameras, consumer products, toys, and other low-voltage or battery-powered motion control applications. The device can drive one dc motor or other devices like solenoids. The output driver block consists of N- channel power MOSFETSs configured as an H-bridge to drive the motor winding. An internal charge pump generates needed gate drive voltages. The DRV883x family of devices can supply up to 1.8 A of output current. It operates on a motor power supply voltage from 0 to 11 V, and a device power supply voltage of 1.8V to 7 V. The DRV8837 device has a PWM (IN1-IN2) input interface; the DRV8838 device has a PH-EN input interface. Both interfaces are compatible with industry-standard devices. Internal shutdown functions are provided for overcurrent protection, short-circuit _protection, undervoltage lockout, and overtemperature.

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