Content for CY8C4025AXI-S412

PSoC® 4 is a scalable and reconfigurable platform architecture for a family of programmable embedded system controllers with an Arm® Cortex™-M0+ CPU. It combines programmable and reconfigurable analog and digital blocks with flexible automatic routing. The PSoC 4000S product family is a member of the PSoC 4 platform architecture. It is a combination of a microcontroller with standard communication and timing peripherals, a capacitive touch-sensing system (CapSense) with best-in-class performance, programmable general-purpose continuous-time and switched-capacitor analog blocks, and programmable connectivity. PSoC 4000S products are upward compatible with members of the PSoC 4 platform for new applications and design needs.

Project  CyCubeTouch


“Reincarnation of Rubik’s Cube as 3D-printed version with PSoC CapSense and WS2812B illumination. Most of you might have been still babies when Rubik’s Cube was an amazing more than just a toy in the 1980s, and it’s …