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CY7C65213/CY7C65213A is a fully integrated USB-to-UART bridge that provides a simple method to upgrade UART-based devices to USB with a minimal number of components. CY7C65213/CY7C65213A includes a USB 2.0 Full-Speed controller, a UART transceiver, an internal regulator, an internal oscillator, and a 512-byte flash in a 32-pin QFN and 28-pin SSOP package. The internal flash is used to store custom-specific USB descriptors and GPIO configuration. This is done in-system using a configuration utility that communicates over the USB interface. Cypress provides royalty-free Virtual COM Port (VCP) device drivers. The drivers allow the device to appear as a COM port in PC applications. All UART signals, including handshaking and control signals, are implemented.

Isolated USB null modem

“Connect two hosts via a serial connection, but with total galvanic isolation I needed a way to connect two USB hosts via CDC devices. You could do so by just buying a pair of USB-RS232 dongles and connecting them …