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Applications include the ON/OFF function in applications such as static relays, heating regulation, induction motor starting circuits, etc., or for phase control operation in light dimmers, motor speed controllers, and silmilar. The snubberless versions (BTA/BTB...W and T25 series) are especially recommended for use on inductive loads, due to their high commutation performances. The BTA series provides an insulated tab (rated at 2500 VRMS). Available either in through-hole or surface-mount packages, the BTA24, BTB24, BTA25, BTA26, BTB26 and T25 triac series is suitable for general purpose mains power AC switching

How to Make an AC Softstarter

“In this project I will show you why my new autotransformer keeps tripping my circuit breaker and how I built an AC softstarter in order to “softly” start the transformer so that it does not trip my circuit breaker. Along …

DIY Arduino Soldering Station

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