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Available either in through-hole or surface mount packages, the BTA16, BTB16 and T1610, T1635 and T1650 Triac series are suitable for general purpose mains power AC switching. They can be used as ON/OFF function in applications such as static relays, heating regulation or induction motor starting circuit. They are also recommended for phase control operations in light dimmers and appliance motors speed controllers. The Snubberless™ versions (W suffix and T1610, T1635, T1650) are especially recommended for use on inductive loads, because of their high commutation performance. By using an internal ceramic pad, the Snubberless™ series provide an insulated tab (rated at 2500 VRMS) complying with UL standards (file reference: E81734).

How to Make a Voltage Regulator 2000 Watts

“Dimmers - electronic load power regulators are widely used in industry and everyday life to smoothly control the rotation speed of electric motors, fan speed, heating elements of heating elements, the intensity of lighting of rooms with electric lamps, setting the …