Content for ATMEL 90E24

The 90E21/22/23/24 series are high-performance wide-span energy metering chips. The ADC and DSP technology ensure the chips' longterm stability over variations in grid and ambient environmental conditions. 90E21/22/23/24 are all of green SSOP28 package with the same pin alignment. In this datasheet, all reactive energy metering parts are only applicable for the 90E22/24, and all N line metering and measurement parts are only applicable for the 90E23/24.

Project  HW-AC-Emeter


“This is the hardware implementation for my Atmel 90E24 power line monitor project. The Atmel 90E24 is a complete energy management solution on a chip. It allows voltage, current, true power, apparent power, reactive power, power factor, phase angle, and …