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These are PTH Addressable RGB LEDs with a WS2812 (or "NeoPixel") control IC built right into the them. This PTH version is incredibly similar to its SMD cousin, except it is a lot simpler to solder into your project and is in a diffused 5mm package. This RGB LED has the control IC moved into the actual LED, so we wanted to offer this amazing product to you! They’re great when you need a lot of color from not a lot of board space, now more so than ever.

LED Tower Art

“Lightshow created from a cylinder of 288 RGB LEDs The inspiration for this project is the numerous curves that are created by the intersection of a cylinder and a plane! I wanted to create an LED light show, but I …

Project  Cubic Art

Cubic Art

“This project is for an Arduino powered 4x4x4 cube of RGB LEDs. I have seen other LED cube projects using mono-colored LEDs and Charlieplexed RGB LEDs. This one is different in that it uses APA106-F5 addressable LEDs. An APA106 …