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The AP3401 is a 1A step-down DC-DC converter. At heavy load, the constant-frequency PWM control performs excellent stability and transient response. No external compensation components are required. The AP3401 supports a range of input voltages from 2.5V to 5.5V, allowing the use of a single Li+/Li-polymer cell, multiple Alkaline/NiMH cell, and other standard power sources. The output voltage is adjustable from 0.6V to the input voltage. The AP3401 employs internal power switch and synchronous rectifier to minimize external part count and realize high efficiency. During shutdown, the input is disconnected from the output and the shutdown current is less than 1μA. Other key features include over-temperature and short circuit protection, and under-voltage lockout to prevent deep battery discharge. The AP3401 delivers 1A maximum output current while consuming only 40μA of no-load quiescent current. Ultra-low RDS(ON) integrated MOSFETs and 100% duty cycle operation make the AP3401 an ideal choice for high output voltage, high current applications which require a low dropout threshold. Pulse skip mode allows to maintain high efficiency at light-load conditions.

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“A tamagotchi-like toy with an OLED display and Li-Po battery. This is a little tamagotchi-like toy I’ve created for my wife. I used to think that this is how a modern Tamagotchi could look like initially. However, it can …