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The AM2315 is effectively a DS18B20 temperature sensor and a capacitive humidity sensor in a nice enclosure. The enclosed sensors are much better suited to sensing in areas exposed to wind / rain / snow than a breakout board or bare sensor.

Solar Powered Cellular Weather Station

“Measure wind, rain, temperature, humidity, and light in remote locations using ThingSpeak, Particle, and the Sentient Things IoT Node. This project describes the latest generation of a weather station used by the ThingSpeak team at MathWorks (see ThingSpeak Weather Station …

GroveWeatherPi - Raspberry Pi Based Weather Station - No Soldering Required

“The Raspberry Pi is a fabulous device to on which to build your projects. The GroveWeatherPi project is designed to show the capabilities of this computer while remaining accessible to a diverse Maker community. The key to keeping this project …