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The AD8131 is a differential or single-ended input to differential output driver requiring no external components for a fixed gain of 2. The AD8131 is a major advancement over op amps for driving signals over long lines or for driving differential input ADCs. The AD8131 has a unique internal feedback feature that provides output gain and phase matching that are balanced to -60dB at 10MHz, reducing radiated EMI and suppressing harmonics. Manufactured on ADI's next generation of XFCB bipolar process, the AD8131 has a -3 dB bandwidth of 400 MHz and delivers a differential signal with very low harmonic distortion. The AD8131 is a differential driver for the transmission of high-speed signals over low-cost twisted pair or coax cables. The AD8131 can be used for either analog or digital video signals or for other high-speed data transmission. The AD8131 driver is capable of driving either Cat3 or Cat5 twisted pair or coax with minimal line attenuation. The AD8131 has considerable cost and performance improvements over discrete line driver solutions. The AD8131 is available in both SOIC and MSOP packages for operation over -40°C to +125°C.