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The AD5220 contains a single channel, 128 position, digitally-controlled variable resistor (VR) device. This device performs the same electronic adjustment function as a potentiometer or variable resistor optimized for portable instrument and test equipment "push button" applications. A wide selection of end-to-end terminal resistance values ranging from 10 K to 100 K Ohms addresses wide bandwidth to low power dissipation applications. The 10K Ohm part offers 650 KHz bandwidth while the 100 K Ohm device reduces power consumption to micro-watt levels. The chip select CS, count CLK and U/D direction control inputs set the variable resistor position. These control inputs are readily generated with mechanical or push button switches (or other contact closure devices). Internal power ON presets the wiper to midscale. Wipers increment to the end of the POT, no rollover to the other end occurs. This simple digital interface eliminates the need for micro controllers in front panel interface designs. Primary applications for the AD5220 include Mechanical Potentiometer Replacement in new designs, Remote Incremental Adjustment Applications, Instrumentation - Gain and Offset Adjustment, Programmable Voltage to Current Conversion, Programmable Filters, Delays, Time Constants, Alarm Sound or Brightness level setting, and Power Supply voltage adjustment.