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74LS14 is a Schmitt trigger hex 8-bit inverter IC. In electronics devices, Schmitt Trigger is one the comparator-based circuit which gives the output on the based the previous output. In Schmitt Trigger the input value can be analog or digital but the output will be in two forms 1 or 0. Any circuit is convertible to Schmitt trigger by applying a positive feedback system. In this circuit, the threshold is being used to get output. When the value is higher than the threshold the output will be HIGH otherwise it will be considered in the LOW state. These circuits are not only used to convert analog to digital, but it also helps to remove the noise from the signal.

Frequency Counter using Arduino

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Analog to Digital Converter module

“This simple A2D (Analog to Digital) Converter Board can log upto 8 channel of analog signal with 8 bit resolution. This board uses the ADC0808 chip from National Semiconductor.”